CHUTNEY TASTING - Combination of daily breads biscuits with chef specialty of three dips 5

BOLLYWOOD PUCHKA - minty, refreshing watery, Indian masala crispy bubbles with cumin curd, dates & fresh cilantro 6

MASALA TOSS PEANUTS GOAN STYLE - Roasted peanuts with Curry Leaf zest, fresh Cilantro, red onion, & chili crisps 5

KURKURI BHINDI - Julienne sliced okra fried and served crispy 6

VEG SAMOSA OR SAMOSA CHICKPEAS CHAAT - Shaped Crispy Turnovers, Seasoned Potatoes & Green Peas, or Chaat with Chickpeas Curry & Sev, Chutney 2.5 ea / 6


GLAZED SAFFRON & VEGETABLE BROTH - Broccoli, French beans & Cauliflower Florets in Cumin Barley Broth With Touch of Saffron & fresh Cilantro and garlic toast 8

AMARA CHEF`S SALAD - Asparagus, Dates, Mango, baby spinach & Rocket Leaf, Herbed Olives & balsamic Infusion & Herbed Garlic Toast 8


TANDOORI FUSION MOMO (VEG & CHICKEN) - Stuffed seasoned Veg or Chicken, tandoori spice, garlic-cilantro 6/8

  BROCCOLI, CORN SPICED STUFFED KABAB - Sweet corn & broccoli tikki, pan seared & stuffed spiced cheese dip 8

BRUSSEL SPROUTS BHEL - A delicious blend of Brussels sprouts, onions, tomatoes, black chickpeas, and jalapenos tossed

in a tamarind dressing and served atop a sweet potato puree 9

ROYAL LAZAWAB SEEKH KABAB - Lamb mince seasoned with mace, cardamom, nuts, ginger & mint, perfection of chef 14

LAMB CHOPS – 3 marinated lamb chops with Cardamom, nutmeg and blend of Indian Spices, Tandoor Roasted 16

CHICKEN WINGS – Crispy fried marinated chicken wings, tossed with tamarind-garlic-chili, fresh cilantro 10

TANDOORI SCALLOPS - Seared masala Scallops, lemon & herbs infusion, leafy house salads 16

TANDOORI OCTOPUS - octopus marinated in in yogurt, ginger, garlic 14

HYDERABADI SULTANI JHEENGE - Spiced Shrimp with ginger & coconut flavor served with pineapple & berries Salsa 14

TANDOORI MURGH BHARWAN KABAB - Chicken escalloped stuffed with cheese, fresh coriander, cooked in clay oven 15

MURGH MALAI KABAB - Tender morsels of chicken marinated in spiced basil cream and cooked in tandoor 14

 PANEER TIKKA AMIR KHUSRO - Baked Cottage cheese layered with spiced cream, pomegranate, tangy sweet & sour 13

MALAI BROCOOLI AUR ARBI KE KABAB - Florets of broccoli & Colocassia, marinated with spiced cream, with salad 12



CHICKEN 17/ LAMB 19 / PANEER 16                                                       

TIKKA MASALA - tomato and cream based curry                                                

SAAG - Sautéed Spinach curry                                                                                   

JALFERZI - bell peppers, onions, green chilies in a stir fry style                         

VINDALOO - Spicy, dry red chili sauce based curry




Aged Basmati rice packed with saffron, herbs and spice. Served with a side of Raita 



MIRCHI BAINGAIN KA SALAN - Indian eggplant cooked in a tomato and coconut gravy tempered with mustard, ginger and curry leaves 17

BAINGAN BHARTA - tandoor smoked eggplant smashed 16

AMRITSARI CHANNA MASALA - chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes, dry pomegranate 16

PANEER MAKHNI LAZAWAB - spiced Paneer cooked in Tomato fenugreek gravy finished with cream & butter 16

METHI MUTTER MALAI – Green peas cooked in fenugreek creamy spiced sauce 17

PANEER NARGISI KOFTA CURRY - Cheese & vegetable dumplings stuffed with raisins, dipped saffron creamy flavored curry 17

KADHAI EXOTIC VEGETABLE Asparagus, Broccoli & green peas, sweet Peppers tossed in whole Red Chilies

 crushed Coriander seeds, Onions & Tomatoes 17

DAL DUM MUGHLAI - An favorite preparation of black lentil, cooked overnight on slow flame with white

 Butter and cream 16

DAL HANDI TADKA - Yellow lentil preparation tempered with cumin, garlic and spices 16


AMARA CHICKEN CURRY - Chicken dumpling with tomato onion curry finished with green chili & cilantro 24

TANDOORI SALMON - Atlantic salmon steak, wok tossed vegetables, leafy house salad & lemon 23

FISH MADRAS CURRY - Seared red snapper with Coconut mustard, asparagus & beans, grounded Indian spices 22

LAMB SHANK - Garlic Chili Tomato flavored, served with house salads, wok tossed veggie 23

LAMB ROGAN JOSH - Aromatic Kashmiri style lamb curry 19

BUTTER CHICKEN - tandoori boneless chicken with creamy tomato fenugreek curry, house specialty perfect dish 22

CHICKEN PK STYLE “Chef Recommended” - Seared herbed Artichoke, olives Stuffed Chicken breast with Red wine black pepper , mushroom reduction served with wok tossed veggie & house salad 24

TANDOORI CHICKEN CHATPATA - Clay oven roasted chicken in Indian Spices with condiments & house salads 18



Naan – plain/garlic/chili 4/5/5

Kulcha – peshwari/truffle gruyere 5/6

Paratha - plain / mint  5/6

Roti – plain 4





ONION CHILI SALAD 3                                                                       

CUCUMBER AND MINT RAITA 4                                                      

SAUTÉED BRUS­SEL SPROUTS            7