CHUTNEY TASTING - Combination of daily breads biscuits with chef specialty of three dips 5

BOLLYWOOD PUCHKA - minty, refreshing watery, Indian masala crispy bubbles with cumin curd, dates & fresh cilantro 6

MASALA TOSS PEANUTS GOAN STYLE - Roasted peanuts with Curry Leaf zest, fresh Cilantro, red onion, & chili crisps 5

KURKURI BHINDI - Julienne sliced okra fried and served crispy 6

VEG SAMOSA OR SAMOSA CHICKPEAS CHAAT - Shaped Crispy Turnovers, Seasoned Potatoes & Green Peas, or Chaat with Chickpeas Curry & Sev, Chutney 2.5 ea / 6



GLAZED SAFFRON & VEGETABLE BROTH -Broccoli, French beans & Cauliflower Florets in Cumin Barley Broth with Touch of Saffron & fresh Cilantro 8

AMARA CHEF`S SALAD - Asparagus, Dates, Mango, baby spinach & Rocket Leaf, Herbed Olives & balsamic Infusion & Herbed Garlic Toasts 8




TA-BLU OMLETTE - Indian Style Masala egg Pancake served on Toasted Breads & Salad Leaf 11

DAILY PARATHA WITH YOGHURT & PICKLE - Seasoned Seared Wheat Breads Served With Yoghurt & Pickle 11

PINDI CHOLLEY WITH BHATURA - Spiced Chickpeas Curry Served With Fluffy Deep Fried Leavened Bread & Pickle 11

POTATO BHAJI WITH POORI - Potato, Cilantro& Tomato Curry Served With Fried Wheat Breads 11

SOUTH UTTAPAM – Onion, Tomatoes, Cheese and Egg served with Coconut Chutney 11


WRAPS (served with crispy okra)

PANEER TIKKA AMIR KHUSRO - Baked Cottage Cheese layered with spices cream 13

ROTAY LAZAWAB SEEKH KABAB - Minced lamb seasoned with mace spice, cardamom, nuts, ginger & mint 14

MURGH MALAI KABAB - Tender morsels of Chicken marinated in special basil cream and cooked in tandoor 14



Naan – plain/garlic/chili 4/5/5

Kulcha – peshwari/truffle gruyere 5/6

Paratha - plain /mint 5/6

Roti – plain 4